Can I start freelancing with HTML and CSS?

Can I start freelancing with HTML and CSS?

It is possible to start freelancing with HTML and CSS. The tech space is fast rising. Your value depends on how quickly you can learn and get acquainted with tech skills.

HTML and CSS are unarguably the foundational building blocks for a web developer. Because they are used to develop landing pages, design user interfaces, code email templates, and even design multi-page websites

And the knowledge you have can make some side income for you.

It’s important to note that getting into freelancing is a learning experience. You identify what skills are in demand, forcing you to evolve and learn new things. Thereby developing a keen interest in web development. 

How can I get freelance jobs with HTML and CSS?

The best way to get freelance jobs is to register on Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Jooble, etc. 

According to Eddie. co, Web design is among the top 15 in-demand skills for Upwork freelancers. And freelancers win a contract every four seconds on Fiverr. These platforms connect you with prospective clients who are interested in your skills.

Another way will be to freelance for family, friends, and Small business owners. Take on their website projects and identify how you can improve their businesses for them.

 The better you are at delivering Quality service consistently and on time. The more recommendations you get for bigger and better jobs which is the great way to start your freelance career. 

What freelance projects can I get with just HTML and CSS? 

Creating custom Email templates

Email marketing is huge right now, and it will only continue to get better. Many business brands require beautiful custom templates that are easy to design by email marketing services such as; Mailchimp and Flodesk to customize email templates with just a little bit of HTML and CSS.

Website manager 

Many businesses require web developers’ services to handle their website administration and maintenance.

As a website manager, you’ll carry out activities such as: reviewing articles or blog posts, creating New content for the website, promoting, ranking, and directing traffic to the site through search engine optimization (SEO). 

You also ensure that the website is correctly secured against cyber threats, etc.  

You can do this on platforms such as WordPress or Squarespace, where you can get freelance jobs building websites for clients while also managing them.

How can I earn more with HTML and CSS?

The best way to earn more with HTML and CSS Is to improve your skills, which means you must improve your current knowledge. 

For example, learning JavaScript frameworks and some advanced CSS improves your value as a web developer, making you readily available for higher-paying jobs.


There’s no better time to earn from freelancing than now

According to, 59% of non-freelancers say it is likely that they will do freelance work in the future.

You might feel intimidated by those who are way ahead of you in freelancing and have more advanced skills.

But I encourage you to start regardless of how confident you feel about your skill because there’s always someone in the market which requires your unique skills and services.